Tuesday, 29 October 2013


It is a fact that I love Marc Jacobs. The clothes, bags and jewelry are perfect. Since this summer, the Marc Jacobs Beauty line has been introduced as well as a Marc Jacobs Beauty Store. When I was in New York City last September, I immediately visited the new store on Bleecker Street. What a great store with beautiful products and such nice staff. The girl in the store (unfortunately I forgot her name) showed me all the products and helped me pick out the perfect lip gel. I choose for the colour Neo-Red and it is just perfect. The lip gel is so soft and creamy and the colour stays perfect during the day. It also feels light and does not dehydrate your lips. Aside from buying the make-up at the store on Bleecker Street, you can also purchase the whole collection at Sephora. Which colour is your Style?

Fun fact is that all 16 colours are inspired by Marc Jacbob's favourite movies.   

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