Sunday, 27 October 2013

Music in New York City

The thing I love about New York City is that everything is possible. You can find extraordinary shops and the latest trends. Standing in line for two hours to buy and enjoy cronuts? Check. Guys wearing leather pants without experiencing the same situation like Ross in Friends? Check. A messy but organised shop stacked with cd's, tapes and LP's? Double check. 

The Rainbow Music Shop in East Village is probably the only shop left which is selling cassette tapes. The owner of the shop is a former Wall Street analyst called 'The Birdman'. Jessie Aurritt, documentary filmmaker from Brooklyn, made a 10-minute film about this fascinating shop and its authentic owner. I think the short movie is interesting and fun and made me love NYC even more. If you are in the neighbourhood and you would like to pay a visit, his shop is on 130 1st Avenue, East Village, New York.
Click here to watch the documentary.

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