Sunday, 29 December 2013

Beauty Review: milk_shake Active Milk Mask

I was cleaning up my beauty products and found this hair mask from milk_shake. I remembered I got it at a hairdresser a few months ago. However, I was slightly dissapointed about my hair after visiting this salon, that I put this product somewhere in my closet. After finding it this week, I decided to try it anyway, and regret not using it earlier! This Milk Mask is especially formulated for damaged or dry hair. The mask repairs and moisturise both the internal and external hair structure, leaving my hair smooth and soft after using it. The smell of the mask is very nice and you don't have to use a lot to cover your whole hair. The products of milk_shake are only available at hair salons at the moment or you can buy it online. If you have curls, like me, and your hair is sometimes dry and frizzy, I could certainly recommend it!   

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    1. Thanks! Yes of course! Happy New Year!! X

  2. I've used some of their other products and they were really good.