Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beauty Review: Watt's Up!

Let's talk about this highlighter from Benefit Cosmetics; Watt's Up! When I tried it, I was immediately enthusiastic. It is a great product! The colour of the highlighter is champagne, which suits every skin colour perfectly. Next to this, it is a cream and not a powder which is ideal for a skin that is a bit dry, like mine.

Just simply apply it on your cheeks. You can also gilde it on your brow bones. On the other side of the stick there is a sponge applicator to blend it. Honestly, this sponge is not really necessary, you can also use your fingertips. 

The glow is really subtle and natural looking, you can easily wear it during the day. Finally, I know it´s not the most important thing, but not entirely unnecessary; the packaging. Again, this looks fantastic, like every product from Benefit! Conclusion; I recommend this product for sure!


  1. I have some in my beauty cabinet and love it!

  2. It is a great product right? I think it is one of the best highlighters, I just love Benefit :)