Monday, 24 February 2014

Beauty Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream

I wish it was not true but I am dealing with lines (I refuse to say wrinkles...) under my eyes. My mom was always right when she said you have to be extra careful with the skin under your eyes because it is so thin and delicate. To give that area of skin extra care, I now use the Nutriganics Smoothing eye cream from The Body Shop

You have to apply it 2 times per day gently under your eyes and just smooth it out. Let it set before you apply your concealer. The cream is very soft and hydrates as well. It hardly has a smell, which I think is great. The price is also reasonable compared with other eye creams and at the moment, The Body Shop offers 50% discount on the second face product you buy. It is early to say for me if the lines under my eyes will get less, but nevertheless I am happy with this cream and I certainly recommend it! 


  1. awesome review dear :) have a nice week ! xx

  2. It sounds awesome. Glad you like it and that it works. Lines always seem to creep up.

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