Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kate Spade Haul

When you are feeling a bit down, one of the things which will definitely helps, is to shop on the website of Kate Spade. I always feel immediately happy when I see her bags, jewelry and other accessories. These are my favourites at the moment:

I love the black and white polka dot bag the most. The shape of the bag looks great and you can never go wrong with some polka dots! Her accessories are quite bright and playful, but they fit perfectly if you are wearing basic colours in your outfit. Or you can go crazy and combine all kinds of colours and patterns, which is also fun and perfect for spring and summer! 

You can find all products on the website of Kate Spade.


  1. Danielle, I love Kate Spade too! She makes everything so colorful and fun. I love everything on your board. I also like her striped "Penny" coin purse. Lovely!

  2. I'm totally in love with everything that Kate Spade does! Always so bright and soooooo colourful!!!
    XOXO from Shanghai!