Monday, 31 March 2014

On the wishlist: Henri Bendel

Lately I am obsessed with cobalt blue bags and I think I found the perfect one. Please meet the Debutante Satchel from Henri Bendel. This bag is perfect for every day use. The best thing about this bag is (besides of the colour) the zipper, I love how they designed it. This beautiful bag would be a perfect accessory when you wear a grey and white outfit and is just perfect for spring. You must definitely check out the website of Henri Bendel for more great bags!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Beauty Review: Hask Argan Oil Conditioner

I was shopping at Primark a few weeks ago and bumped into this Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner from Hask. I have natural curly hair and I am always trying new hair products to control my frizzy curls. I took one of these home and now I regret not buying more! I first washed my hair with shampoo and after that I used this conditioner. Immediately I felt that my hair got soft and light. My curls were more curled (if ya know what I mean) and my hair was less frizzy. Next to this, the smell was great and the price as well! I think I paid 1,50 for this. I don't know if this is usually sold at Primark, but I think I have to go back to stock up! Have you every heard or tried products from Hask?

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

NYC: Cupcake ATM

Who doesn't love cupcakes! My favourite cupcake ever is red velvet, too bad I cannot find it easily in The Netherlands. For all my fellow cupcakes lovers, there is now a cupcake ATM in NYC (where else…)! New York’s first Cupcake ATM can hold 760 cupcakes at a time and is 24-hour available. It is located on Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side and is introduced by the bakery Sprinkles Cupcakes. The machine has 20 different kinds of cupcakes in their assortment, varied from red velvet, banana dark chocolate and many more. Costs are $4.25 each and you can get 4 cupcakes at a time. I love this machine! Perhaps it is an idea to invent a macaron ATM as well? Please? 

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Music Monday

Happy Music Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! For today I thought it would be nice to show you which songs are my favourite these days! 

At the moment I am really into the new album of Beyonce. First I thougth this album was not as great as her album:  I am... Sasha Fierce, which is my favourite. However, after listening a few times to the songs I really started to like it! Drunk in Love is one of favourites.

I know this song already exists for a while, but I recently heard it in an episode of Pretty Little Liars and after that I start listening to it again (while turning up the volume). 

All songs of Pharrell Williams are great. I love this new one with Justin Timberlake!

Again Justin Timberlake. I will go to his concert in April! I am so excited for this. I started listening to his 20/20 experience album for a while now and the songs on it are great. This clip is by the way lovely!

I end with David Guetta. I started running the other day and I noticed that this song is great during your workout! 

What are your favourite songs at the moment? Any tips? Have a lovely day! 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Spring decor ideas

Spring is here! When the sun is shining, I get all excited to change my home interior with new bright home accessories. As you probably know, I am in love with the combination of white with bright or pastel colours. Unfortunately it is not always possible to buy a whole new interior or paint your walls. However, if you want to create a new look in your home, an easy solution for this is to buy new, colourful pillows. This will immediately gives your living room or bedroom a new and fresh look. 

These are my favourite home accessories at the moment. I wish you all a great weekend and happy spring!

1. Pillow, Wehkamp
2. Pillow, Wehkamp
3. Magazine display rack, Woood
4. Basket, H&M 
6. Oven mitts leafs, Flying Tiger,
7. Eastern decoration, Dille&Kamille

Friday, 21 March 2014

Simple Delicious Salad

Another recipe! This one, like the banana pancakes, is very easy to make, super healthy and delicious! You can choose all kinds of ingredients, just choose what you like. I choose for;

Raw spinach
Feta cheese 
Roasted almonds 

I drizzled some balsamic dressing on the spinach and later add all the other ingredients on a lovely plate. I don’t know if you can see the plate right, but I bought it at a Turkish shop where they have all kinds of gorgeous home accessories. 

I also made some couscous to eat with the salad, but you can add what you wish, like bread or pasta.

I am so happy it is almost weekend! Do you have any plans? 

Friday, 14 March 2014


This new body scrub from The Body Shop is just delicious! Look at it, it looks just like jam! Blueberries are my favourite fruit and of course I had to try this one! I choose for the body scrub, but there is also a shower gel, body butter and lip balm. The smell of this scrub is heavenly, maybe a bit too sweet for some people. The scrub itself is slightly mild so you can easily use it three times a week if you wish. I am thinking to buy the shower gel as well and while the line is a limited edition, I can better stock up! 

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Healthy banana pancakes

Today I thought it would be nice to give you a very delicious, yet simple,  recipe! I normally don't post recipes on my blog, but I like cooking and try new things, so why not? These super healthy banana pancakes are certainly worth trying! 

You only need 1 banana (make sure it is ripe enough) and 2 eggs. If you have a sweet tooth you can add some stevia or put syrup on the pancakes after you baked them. I choose to add blueberries while I am just addicted to these! Mash the banana and add the 2 eggs. Whisk it till it is 1 mixture. Add some oil in a pan and use a ladle to make little pancakes. With 1 banana and 2 eggs I made about 8 small pancakes. So easy and healthy, I can guarantee you that it will be a success! 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Beauty Review: Golden Rose

I came across this make-up brand called Golden Rose. I honestly never heard of the brand and I had to try it of course! I ended up with a blush, mascara, nail polish remover pads and a nail polish. Read further for my review on these products! 

The blush I bought is called Terracotta Stardust. As you can see the powder is blended with all kinds of pink colours. You only need a little bit to put on your cheeks while the blush is highly pigmented, so don't go crazy! I think you can even use it as a bronzer to shape if you want. It is very long lasting and the colour is perfect for almost every skin colour. 

Next, the mascara. This one is called Sexy Black Mascara, Infinity Volume Midnight Black. The packaging looks nice and is attractive. It is not a bad mascara and it works quite well. It is not my ultimate favourite, but I will definitely use it. 

Look at this cute box with nail polish remover pads! These smell of strawberry and they are so useful! You only need one pad for all your nails. And the smell is delicious! 

The last item I bought was this nail polish with white and pink little stripes. I really like this colour; it is perfect for spring. I did not use a basic colour first but immediately put this one on. You need to coat it at least two times for coverage, but the nail polish dries quickly, so that's not a problem. I think this nail polish will also look great with a white or pink first layer. 

Overall I am happy with the products of Golden Rose. The blush and nailpolish are my favourite as well as the nailpolish remover pads. The mascara is good, but not as great as my beloved They're Real from Benefit and Maybelline Rocket Volum', which I normally use. You can buy the products of Golden Rose online on this website

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hello March

Hello March! I'm happy that you are finally here. I know, it is not official spring yet, but when you look outside it feels all sunnery and lovely. We did not have a real winter and no snow whatsoever here, but I didn't really mind. Spring is my favourite season of the year; feeling the sun on your face while wearing your fabulous sunglasses and dressed in colourful outfits instead of black wintry clothes. So, let's pretend that it is already spring! These pictures will certainly help you to get in the mood! 

(Pictures from Pinterest)