Friday, 9 May 2014

Make-up beauties from Flormar!

During my lovely visit to Amsterdam, I visited the Flormar store. This is a make-up brand from Milan with its production in Turkey. I was really enthusiastic to visit this store while I read awesome reviews about their matte lipstick, and not without importance; their prices are very budget friendly! This is what I bought:

Two lovely lipsticks. You never can go wrong with a red lipstick. This colour, number 204 is lovely, not too bright but more dark red. The other lipstick is the matte lipstick I was looking for (number R12, apparently they are not so creative with naming their products). I never tried matte lipstick but I think it is my favourite now! It gives a really nice effect on your lips and this pink tone is gorgeous. 

I purchased as well this palette with neutral tones. Some are matte and some have a glitter in it. The shades are pretty nice, however, the first two beige/pink colours are not very pigmented. Overall the palette is okay, but unfortunately I am not really enthusiastic.

You need blush in your life! It gives your skin a more healthy glow, even though you feel miserable. This colour is number 91 and is quite pink. It is lovely to put on when you keep the rest of your make-up simple. I am not enthusiastic about the little brush which goes with it. The hairs are not soft at all, but you can just easily use another blush brush instead. 

I bought these make-up removal pads to take with me when I am on a trip. I think it is just so easy and simple to use. These pads have aloe vera, which is soft for your eyes. 

This cute travel size set of skin care products I received with my purchase. I love to try it out! At first sight the products look pretty great. 

Overall I am happy with the products from Flormar and I will definitely go back soon to shop for more! Did you ever tried products from Flormar? I would love to hear your experiences! 


  1. These are great products, I love travel size bottles for some reason, so easy to take with you if you need. Am glad Flomar was great for you, I had never heard of it before. Super super!! Happy weekend dollface, I hope you enjoy yourself Xxx

    1. Thanks! Travel size bottles are always good to have, so easy! xx

  2. Danielle, you purchased some awesome products. I believe in blush and lipstick. It can really help you. The shades you got are gorgeous. Great haul!

  3. Wow great choice, loved all the products you got! Specially the pretty! :)

    Have a nice weekend!!