Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tanya Burr's Picnic in the Park

I follow beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger (And You-Tuber) Tanya Burr for a while now. I love to watch her movies; she is so lovely. I read about her line of lip glosses a while ago and I was immediately interested! These lip glosses seemed perfect and the colours to choose from are huge. 1 disappointing note; they were not sold in The Netherlands. 

But.... I found them anyway! In a small shop in my neighbourhood they are selling products from web shops. They have glass boxes in their store which web shops can rent and display and sell their products. I stumbled onto a few items which are no where to be find in the regular shops here, and one of them were the lip glosses of Tanya Burr! I was so excited and purchased immediately one pink / coral lip gloss named 'Picnic in the Park'. They are not expensive at all, although I think they are even cheaper in the UK. 

Now I have to admit I hardly buy lip glosses anymore because they are always so sticky and not long-lasting. However, I am quite excited about this one. First of all the colour is great. Picnic in the Park has a lovely pink, coral tone which is perfect to wear during the day. Second, it only sticks a bit when you apply it but after a few minutes you won't feel it anymore. Lastly, the lip gloss is quite long-lasting compared to other lip glosses I tried before. This one will go in my handbag to use during the day!  

I am so happy with this purchase and will definitely go back for some other colours! Did you try any of her products already?  


  1. Looks great! X


  2. I'm crazy over gloss, and lipstick. This one looks thick, which means it is long lasting. I have never tried this one, but will look out for it in the store.


  3. I am a Tanya Burr fan too - I enjoy her videos and reading bits about her on her blog. I haven't tried out her range because I'm a bit uncertain as to the quality of celeb make-up collaborations, but she is a make-up artist so I might just have to take the plunge. I'm not a fan of lip glosses either (long hair is a massive issue) but this sounds like it is fine with hair flying in the wind! Rosemary x


    1. Haha you're right about the combination of long hair and lip glosses! Always a problem...

  4. Anybody will go crazy for this pretty shade! <3

    I would love it if you drop by my new blog and follow me there too! I will follow back for sure! :)


  5. It's a gorgeous shade Danielle. I'm not fond of lip glosses for the same reasons you mentioned. Thanks for the introduction to this one.