Wednesday, 30 July 2014

NY Dream Home: Mary Randolph Carter

Welcome to the Upper East Side, home of Mary Randolph Carter, senior executive at Ralph Lauren. Her Style is inspired by the 1980s trend of decorating your Manhattan apartment like country houses. Her cozy home is filled with books, photos, paintings and items from all over the world. 

Ms Carter is calling her home a 'scrapbook of our lives'. She lives with her husband in this incredible apartment for 40 years now. One of the reasons she is collecting so many stuff has to do with her youth. When she was 16, the family's house burned to the ground with all their belongings. From then she decorated her home with items that provide a sense of familiarity.

While it is quite different compared to my taste of decorating, I find this home super interesting. Everywhere you look there are things that have a story, especially since she already lives here for so long. I would love to take a peek in her amazing home and look between all her fascinating things! What do you think of this country Style interior?

 (Source: New York Times)


  1. Wow, great interiors!

  2. I am a bit of a minimalist at heart. I prefer less things, but I love the art in this home. The vibrant, earthy tones of this place make it warm and cozy.

    Much Love,

    1. I agree, I also like less things, but this house is so inspiring!

  3. I too love all such things!! Great post love! :)

    Happy Friday!

  4. There's lots of treasures in it!