Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Rebecca Minkoff: which one to choose...

I need your help! In September I will go to New York City again (makes a small happy dance) and I want to buy a Rebecca Minkoff bag in the most awesome city in the world. Lately I am a little obsessed with the bags of Rebecca Minkoff and would love to buy one in a gorgeous blue colour. She has 3 bags I adore, but I can't choose! Which one would you choose or advise? Tell me! 

First we have M.A.C. clutch in bright blue. I love this design and it seems like you can put quite a lot of stuff in it. The chain strap is perfect and the colour is amazing!

Then we have the MINI M.A.C. which is one size smaller than the M.A.C. clutch. I am afraid it might be too small, so I have to see it first in the shop, but it looks so cute!

This is the famous MINI 5-ZIP. I love all the zippers and again the chain strap. I think this bag is one of Rebecca Minkoff's most famous designs. 

All these bags are available in more gorgeous colours, so I could choose for another colour when I see the bags in the shop, but in the meantime I would love to hear your comments!


  1. I would go for the minimpersonally because I don't like heavy purses, and I don't like to carry too much around. They are all fabulous though. Have fun shopping in NY! :))


  2. They're all gorgeous, but I think I would go for the mini one personally. I like it the most, so stunning xx Have fun doll xx

    1. The mini is lovely, just the right size :)xx

  3. I really love those Rebecca Minkoff, I need them!!

  4. Hey Danielle! I like the first and last one. Those would be my picks! There's nothing like seeing a bag in person.

  5. Lovely bag!!!
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