Friday, 6 February 2015

Bag of the Week: Moschino

Bag of the week is this Moschino large leather tote. 

The latest collections of Moschino were all about fun, crazy handbags and making a statement. While I would not even consider to spend more than 1000 euros on this bag I have to admit I like the handbags from Moschino. They are so rare but I could not think of anyone who would spend this amount of money on it, perhaps if you are a handbag collector. However, I still enjoy the handbags of Moschino and more brands can take their example to be unique instead of copy cats. 


  1. HAHAHA It takes a very special person. Have you seen the perfume? It's in a furry teddy bear bottle and on the outside it says, this is not a toy! LOL

  2. Wow this is the coolest bag!! I want one :)

    xx /

    1. Haha you will really make a statement with the bag! :)